The Funniest Band Jokes

The , puns, and humor on this list are all funny because they’re true (except for the one about the flaming oboe), and we heard all these marching from men and women who were actually in high school band. We’re sure that anyone who went on to play in marching bands in college and beyond have some too, but we stopped talking to them ages ago. Whether you were a flutist or a percussionist (let’s be real – if you’re a drummer you can’t read this) you’ll not only identify, you’ll laugh your weird little marching hat off at these and band puns.  Everyone who went to high school in America has had an experience with a band geek. Either you knew one or you were one – and if you don’t know which one you were then you were the band geek. We never saw the point in waking up early and marching around a dewy field while carrying a heavy instrument, but that’s what makes all you band kids so special. The other thing that makes you so great is that you have a sense of humor about yourself, or at least we hope you do, because we’ve got a whole mess of jokes about band geeks on this list.

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