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The Funniest Coffins of All Time

Buying the right coffin is a really important decision because it’s essentially a bed that you’re going to spend the rest of your life in. Too often, tend to choose boring coffins and it’s sad, because there are so many coffin options out there to choose from. Before you make any more life or death decisions, check out these amazing pictures of weird novelty coffins. Vote up your favorite coffins and make sure you send this gallery to your local undertaker.

The King of Coffins

Star Trek Coffin

Super Nintendo Coffin

Han Solo in Carbonite Coffin

King Tut Coffin

Kiss Coffin

Twix Coffin Really Satifies


Guitar Coffin

Shark Coffin

Death is Like a Box of Chocolates

The Most Russian Coffin Ever

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Mercedes Coffin

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Coca-Cola Coffin

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Duffle Bag Coffin

The Boobs Coffin

Canoe Coffin

Nike Coffin

Airplane Coffin

Chicken Coffin

Tommy Hilfiger Coffin

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