The Funniest Dumb Facebook Posts Ever

Ever have one of those days when you say or do something totally dumb and feel like you need a bit of a boost to reassure yourself that you’re not a complete idiot? If so, this is great list to do just that. No matter how bad your day seems to be going, rest assured that the dumb posts are enough to make the average toddler feel like Einstein. 

These Facebook fails are actually enough to make you question humanity’s role here on spaceship Earth. Sure, Facebook isn’t known as a place where the intellectuals of the world gather to sort out global problems, but these stupid Facebook posts will absolutely shock you. There are really out there that are this dumb. And some of them have kids.

So, enjoy these dumb Facebook statuses as pure entertainment. Just try to forget that real people wrote these things.

No, an Escalator

Neither. Ever.

She Might Not Even Be Qualified

Awwwww, Honey

This One’s Enough to Make the British Celebrate the 4th of July

Just When You Thought That Google Had Your Back…

The Face-Palm Heard Round the World in 3…2…1

How She Make Dat?

Literary Masters

A Meeting of Two Great Minds

Oh Boy….

You Live, You Learn

Today’s Generation Unearths the Pound Symbol

The Time and Effort That Went Into This…

Ancient History = Nailing It

Behold. The Best Argument Ever for Free Birth Control.

Putting the Crucifixion Back in Christmas

That Would Be True…

Go Ahead. Google It.

A Moment of Silence

Nailed That Logic


Well, At Least There’s No Doubt They Were Made For Each Other

Best Reassurance Ever

Well It Ain’t a Persian, Cupcake

Things to Never Admit Publicly

Just Cling to the Possibility That She’s Kidding

Apology Not Accepted