The Funniest “Like Father, Like Son” Pics Ever Taken

The apple usually doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to fathers and their sons. They likely look the same, talk the same, and think the same – and no matter how much the son tries, he will eventually become his father. It’s an uncontrollable force of nature, and this list has photographic proof of the phenomenon.

Whether you’re a father, son, mother or daughter, you’re going to love these amazing like father like son pictures. These are the funniest like father like son photos the internet has to offer. Some show dads and their kids striking the same pose; others illustrate eerily similar facial expressions. Think of them as the photographic version of dad jokes: a little sweet, a little corny, and funny in spite of themselves. Take a look at these like father like son photos, and vote for your favorites. 

Marked Since Birth

Chasing Waterfalls

Sleep It Off

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Top Gear: Home Edition

To Swerve and Protect

Head Turners

Leg Up on the Competition

Cheese and Quackers

Just The Two of Us

Why So Serious?

Support Our Troops

Beards of a Feather

Selfie Bros

The Grass Is Greener

The Derp Twins

A Couple of Skeptics

Pit Stop

Heavily Spiked


Excited Bikers

No Small Feet


Sitting Pretty

Kids These Days

Screen Junkies

Drink and Be Merry