The Funniest Music Jokes

The and puns on this list are not only funny, but they’re mostly true or at least come from a place of truth (we don’t really want to run over any conductors). Guitarists tend to think they’re the coolest guys in any room, drummers aren’t known to be card-carrying members of Mensa, and no one likes a conductor (maybe it’s their bossiness, maybe it’s their weird hand gestures). Musicians are a rare breed and no matter which instruments they play, they’re perfectly suited to be the butts of . Whether you’re a musician or not, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the music humor on this list.
We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we’ve been known to tickle the ivories every once in a while. And despite any generalizations about musicians, we’re totally normal members of society with real jobs and friends. What do you think we are, trombone players? We’ve hardly scratched the surface of jokes about musicians on this list. How can we truthfully say we’ve collected them all when a new bass player is born every day? Tune up your gitfiddles and plug in your amps, this list of the music jokes is gonna rock your socks off!
Vote up your favorite jokes about musicians, and if you’ve got a musical joke you think we haven’t heard before, then go ahead and shred it out in the comments!

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