The Funniest Photos of Celebrities Eating

There’s something about these pictures of eating that just make them seem more… human. Stars, they’re just like us! These funny photos of celebs eating were all taken at just the right moment. Some stars, like Arnold Schwarzenegger could care less that they are a famous person caught eating, while others, like Zooey Deschanel, still seem to look beautiful while eating. The best photos happen when the eating takes a lot of concentration or if the celebs are caught with their mouths open.
Enjoy these funny pictures of celebrities eating food, and vote for the funniest ones! Because really, what’s more wonderful and sure to make you LOL than funny pictures of people eating – especially when they’re your favorite celebrities?     

Betty White

Vince Vaughn

Marilyn Monroe

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Antonio Banderas

Shia LaBeouf

Katherine Heigl

George Clooney

Mike Tyson

Rachael Ray

Pierce Brosnan

Paul McCartney

Mila Kunis

Jim Carrey

Michael Bublé

Jack Nicholson


Robert Downey Jr.


Ryan Gosling

Zooey Deschanel

Sofía Vergara

George W. Bush

Alec Baldwin

Beyoncé Knowles

Nicole Kidman

James Franco

Hayden Panettiere

Sarah Jessica Parker

Joe Biden

Paris Hilton

Uma Thurman

Sophie Monk

Heidi Klum

Justin Bieber

Robert Pattinson

Kim Kardashian