The Funniest “Sexy” Halloween Costumes Of 2017

October has been called many things ‚ÄstSpooktober, 31 Nights of Fright,¬†the start of pumpkin spice season ‚Ästbut Americans know it by its true name:¬†slutty¬†Halloween costume season.¬†It is arguably the¬†silliest, darkest, sexiest¬†month on the Gregorian calendar, and it only comes but once a year. And each year provides us with some truly funny, sexy .¬†

These might not be the best sexy costume ideas has to offer, but they are certain¬†to grab attention. Some of the¬†funniest “sexyHalloween costumes¬†of 2017 are quite¬†topical, while¬†others remain timeless. However, it’s safe to say that none of these¬†outfits¬†will be a part of your wardrobe come November.¬†

Read on to discover some truly silly 2017 Halloween costumes, and make sure to vote up your favorite entries.


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