The Funniest Trick-or-Treating Signs from Neighborhoods Across America

trick-or-treating signs make extra spooky fun. If you’re planning to be out of the house this October 31, but know you have a neighborhood full of costumed menaces who will be going door to door, take cue from the clever on this list. While some of the trick or treat signs below are a bit over the top, if you’re stumped about what to say (and don’t want to be known as that dull house) maybe just go with it! Embrace the holiday fun and treat the neighborhood to a trick or treat sign, inspired by these, ~creative~ signs from around the .

Trick! It’s a Trick!

Good, Keep the Hooligans Away

Handing Out Candy for Introverts

Wakey Wakey

Gotz 2 get my zs.

But They’re ’s Team!

Doesn’t He Have Bigger Fish to Fry?

Welcome to the Local Cat Lady’s House

Parks & Reckin’ It!

This House Will Be Covered in Eggs in No Time

What Would They Even Be Refunding?

You Lost Me at “Clown”

What Kind of Curse, Though?

No Holiday Is Safe from Cat

Why We Love the Coopers

“But We’re Just Children!” The Children Cried

It’s Just the Facts of Probability

Miley or the HighwayL

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