The Funniest Instagram Vs. Real Life Memes

As continues to invade everything from your bed sheetsĀ to your favorite brunch spot, it becomes more and more important to understand the dichotomy of Ā vs. real life. Not quite as detectableĀ asĀ other forms of photo-manipulation, the InstagramĀ vs. real life split requires less fakery and more filter, resulting in a nuanced attempt at convincing people Instagram pictures represent reality. The proper lighting, angle, and staging all lead to examples of this Instagram meme, a meme which enjoins you to expose all frauds out there and their reckless use of the Amaro filter.Ā 

AĀ hotbed ofĀ clichĆ©sĀ on how to live your life, Instagram has always poised a threat to people just trying to live normal existences unsuitable for viewing onĀ an iPhone screen. With the photo comparisons below, you too can navigateĀ your way out of theĀ Mayfair Matrix, and emerge better than before. Next time, you’ll be sure to smoke these out as youĀ scroll along.

Bottle Serviced

Short And Tweet

Rise And Shine

Mega Mind

Celebrity Reality Makeover

Night Terrors

Sometimes Reality Is Hard to Stomach

2 Fat 2 Labourious

Horsing Around

A Moment Of Paws

Taking A Dive

Never See The Sun Day

Pratt Race

Hope Chest

Hang Zero

Banana Republic

Iggy Vs. Icky

Body By Instagram

Fight Or Flight

Taking Out The Trash

Stop Beliebing

Food For Thought