The Funniest Things to Ever Happen at McDonald’s

Are you ready to McLaugh? Sorry. Are you ready to McLOL!? That’s more like it! These are the funniest things to ever happen at a McDonald’s. Have you always wanted to see a funny photo of a woman wearing underwear as a hat? Well, it’s your McLucky day! How about some Amish folks rolling through that Mickey D’s drive through? Not a McProblem! Enjoy these weird and downright WTF photos from McDonald’s, and then go and get your Big Mac on! Super size those fries too! You know you want to.

The Secret Lives of Minions

Sausage Party


Roll Thru

Freedom Fries

Boy Story

Napkin Crisis

Amish Paradise

Meanwhile, in Australia…

The Panties Hat

Batman Returns… to McDonald’s

What Happens at McDonald’s Stays at McDonald’s

Clowning Around

All Fries on Deck

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Where All Laptop DJs Eventually End Up


Capital Punishment

Laundry Day

Unhappy Meal Coming Up!

Horsing Around


Typical Gay Fish