Funny Face Swaps Gone Horribly Wrong

Face swaps are really a dream come true for a lot of people. Whether you have a friend whose cheekbones you’ve always wanted to try out, or if the movie Face/Off had a long and lasting effect on you, face swapping has created an exciting future here on spaceship earth. But, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Here are some of the most epic face swap fails of all time, and they aren’t pretty.

Here you’ll be able to view a series of face swaps gone wrong as people exchange their faces with their children, their pets, and even random objects. That’s right, there are funny face swaps on here featuring celebrities, dogs, and pumpkins. So that really just about covers it. There is something on here for everybody.

  1. Pigging Out

  2. A Little Soccer Fan

  3. Cabbage Patch Nightmares Forever

  4. The Most Unfortunate Family Portrait Ever
  5. Catman and the Creepiest Little Eskimo Ever

  6. It’s Like a Painting You’ll Never Understand

  7. Things Just Got a Whole Lot Creepier Under the Sea

  8. Newt Swap!

  9. Baby’s First Face Swap

  10. He Definitely Has Her Eyes

  11. When Plastic Surgery Goes Too Far

  12. Voodoo Magic

  13. Mickey Never Asked for This

  14. This Guy and His Terrifyingly Parrot-Like Pomeranian

  15. The Accidental Face Swap Photobomb

  16. Surprise All Around

  17. Weirdly, This Is Just Fine

  18. Honest Abe Isn’t Looking So Honest

  19. Man-Dog’s Best Friend

  20. Art Imitating Life