Funny Food-Related Snapchats

Are you the type of Snapchatter who prefers using to cultivate hilarious puns and food snaps rather than racy photos of yourself in various states of undress? Well if so, we not only salute you but have composed this collection of funny Snapchats about food that we’d like to dedicate to all those capable of composing a delightful about a cucumber without putting it anywhere horrifying. Here you’ll find a gallery of food Snapchats at their best, snapped by people who are witty enough to get a free pass for taking photos of items they intend to consume with their smartphones.

These funny food texts consist of clever culinary witticisms and puns that we dare you to peruse without cracking a grin or two. Among these food jokes you’ll find things like eye roll-worthy puns that had to be snapped because they were just too terrible for words, as well as food that was too unique to not be chronicled some guy’s iPhone.

The next time you feel like your head might explode if you see one more Instagram picture of an overly posed and filtered lunch, these food Snapchat posts are just what you need. Here you’ll find an example of food jokes that were actually worth the time it took to snap the photo.