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Funny Kids’ Cards Drawn For Adults

Prepare to behold a collection of hilarious cards kids gave to parents and other loved ones proving handmade cards are definitely the way to go. Drawn by children with love and magic marker, the funniest birthday cards kids ever made possess a quality, and sometimes language, all their own. Chock full of kid logic, accidentally inappropriate drawings, and blatant over-honesty, kid-drawn cards hit you in the bone and the heart like a Nerf dart to the eye. These little dudes and gals prove that when it comes to birthday presents, nothing’s better than handmade cards from kids. No matter how disastrous and outside-the-lines they get, these works of art will make you smile. Hallmark, take note.

So Did You, You Little Old Timer

Dog Days Are Over

Happy Birthday From Your Personal Bodyguard

So Take A Big Whiff

This Card’s Got Clash Of Clans Themed Soul

This Tender “Birthday” Card Picked Out By A 5-Year-Old

Well, That’s Just Precious

Happy Birthday To You With Some Unicorn Poo

Best Wishes From This Little Lady Charmer

Here’s To Defying Those Odds

DD In The Making

This Three-Year-Old Insisted On Putting A Sticker On Daddy’s Card

The Truth Hurts, Kurt

Way To Bottom Line It, Slugger

Hope You Like It

It’s The Thought That Counts

Happy D Day

Let’s Cut To The Chase Here…

Nothing Gets Past This Little Lady

This Incredibly Graphic Thanks For Giving Back Themed Card

Are You Baking A Cake This Birthday?

Tell Us How You Really Feel

It’s Your Birthday And I Heard You Like Cats

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