Funny Memes That Will Get You Through Tax Season

Ah, spring. When that wonderful season comes around, the birds start chirping, the flowers start blooming, and you start… worrying. Because along with showers and sunshine, April brings with it the annoyance of tax season. To lighten up the painful experience that is calculating, questioning, and struggling with your finances, start your personal tax hell with some tax season !

Sure, funny about taxes won’t actually make the process of doing them any easier, but they might make you smile for just a brief moment. (You know, before you break out the calculator and start crying.)

Responsible taxpayers will get to experience the pure joy of getting a refund, while less lucky earners will have to deal with the sadness of writing a big fat check to Uncle Same. So if you’re not lucky enough to be a tax season baller this year, comfort yourself with some tax jokes that are even funnier than the numbers in your bank account. 

Mo’ Taxes, Mo’ Money


Game of Refunds

Very Interest-ing

Treat Yo Self 2016

The Real Golden Ticket

Stoned Cold Broke

Staying Tax Positive

Don’t Hate the Claim

Swanson on Taxes

Tax Season Baller Timeline

Just Like Magic

Taxes Be All Confusing

The Dog Days of April

Rich People During Tax Season Be Like…

H&R Cock-Blocked

How Crying Jordan Becomes Smiling Jordan

First World Refund Problems

Refund Diggers

Tax Season Unchained

Give Me Back My Son!