Funny Photos Only Short People Can Truly Relate To

Even the smallest of people deserved to have their voices heard, and that is precisely the nature of short people memes. For the tinier denizens of the world, pictures short people can relate to ensure their plights reach the eyes others. When on a lower plane than everyone else, you view the world in a completely unique way, like how people on a higher plane see photos in their own dank distinct way. Because of this shift in perception, photos only short people understand stand to teach everyone some useful lessons about great things coming in small packages. Just like short leaders.

But they also stand to teach everyone about the struggles short people must endure in a tall-ass world. Kitchen cabinets completely ignore anyone under 5’5″, and good luck finding a reachable grip on the subway. Now justice can be served to those who, in physical terms, are much more grounded than most other people.