Funny Pick Up Line Memes You Should Try

Pick up lines have always been a tricky thing. They’re basically a cheat sheet for beginners so they can learn how to flirt with someone when their brain can’t come up with anything original to say. A properly executed pick up line can lead to delights that some men dare not dream of, while a poorly delivered pick up line can lead to the type of embarrassment that can last a lifetime.

Thankfully the Internet has a punch of funny pick up lines and flirty memes for you to look at, absorb, and try out on people the next time you’re out on the town.

It’s a Fine Line

For Drunken Masters Only

Sending a Strong Signal

The Final Frontier

Lip Service

Take It With a Grain of Salt

Game of Bones

A Healthy Pick Up Line

If the Shirt Fits

Spread It on Thick

Weather Permitting

Toeing the Line

No Butts About This Pick Up Line

How to Find Your Thunder Buddy For Life

A Pick Up Line That’s Out of This World

Love on the Runs

After Midnight


A Hard Act to Follow

Pick of the Litter

A Smashing Good Line

One-Night Stand Guaranteed

How to Get a Read on Her

To the Bedroom and Beyond!

No Bones About It