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The Greatest Visual Puns in the History of the Internet

It’s time to put your thinking caps on, because you are about to witness some epic and extremely visual puns. These aren’t your grandma’s puns, these are visual pun pictures so good they might take you an extra three seconds to figure them out. If you’re one of those people who thinks that there really is nothing better than a good pun, this is the list for you. The thing about puns is that they can get old. Well, stop using the same old lame puns over and over again making all of your friends hate you. Take a look at this list and learn some new ways to take your pun game to the next level.

Ice, Ice Baby

Pumpkin Pie

To Tree or Not to Tree

Sex Tape

Fork in the Road

Baby on Board

Shrimp on the Barbie

Punk Rocks

Chain Saw

Ice Cubes

Bed of Roses

Kiss my A**

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Putin on the RItz

Corona Light

Thyme on My Hands

Spoon Fed Visual Pun

Extremely Close Quarters

Watch Dog

Cold Feet

Legend Dairy

Iron Man

Cookie Monster


Teacher’s Pet

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