30 Funny School Sign Mistakes That’ll Make You Smile

school signs are often the product of a lonely, bored, yet snarky groundskeeper, a student that was forced to do the signs because they already suck at learning, or a very drunk teacher doing the first or last thing they have to for the day. At least that’s the way it went at my schools. School signs are the lowest, most niche kind of advertising that boil down to “the people driving on this street.” Kind of like billboards, but they are only relevant to people going INTO the school. So, of course, there’s very-little-to-no gatekeeping or care that goes into writing them. This makes sense. 

But, given that they are ostensibly written and approved by authority figures, the idea that any of the signs wouldn’t be perfect is always cause for laughter. Because f*ck authority. 

But also, here are some hilariously unintentional typos in school signs: from people messing around during the summer months, to people who clearly had a spelling issue, to those who clearly just did not give a care. 

These are the best funny school signs in one place for you to vote on. Which ones are the funniest school billboards? Which ones would you be ashamed of being in your school, and which ones do you wish you could re-create at your school?  

Worst Finals Ever

No Students, Just Petri Dishes and Concerned Adults

This Way to Education

Parents Night

Since English Class Wasn’t Cutting It

Every Single Day

A Job Well Done!

I’m Now Looking Forward to Parent Night

A Leader to Bone Marrow

The Coldest Day Of The Year

Of Course They Won

But Where Will Everyone Skateboard and Have Sex??

What the First Month of School Feels Like Anyway

Hopefully This Is an Abandoned High School

The Warriors Learn to Fight at Age 7

What… Happens… During… MILF Week? Also It’s 2 Weeks Long…

Live Vibrations!

Welcome Back Everybody!

The Extra ‘T’ Would Have Gone Over Budget

They Are Proud of Their Wells THere


Usa! Usa! Usa!

No One Should Be Proud of Anything Here

Kind of What You Expect from Dallas

Senior Prank Gone Right

Hard Work and Exereise

They’re Going to Eat All the Kids Again!

That Old Hooker School Is Just Embarrassing Now

That’s Fine, No One Will Notice