20 Funny Security Guard FAILs

There’s nothing funny about our national security, but there are plenty of funny security guard pictures. Which is great. That takes something that is very serious and not funny and puts a little bit of humor on top of it. That’s good because the world needs more laughter. And laughter is exactly what you’ll find in this collection of security guard and funny cop pictures. Security guards are the Rodney Dangerfield of the law enforcement community. They are for whatever reason just not as highly regarded as members of the police force. Well, these pictures aren’t going to help. Obviously, not all security guards are bad. However the ones featured here don’t seem to be all that great.
      Sleeping Beauty

      The Real Robocop

      Undercover Security

      Sometimes Being a Security Guard Can Be a Real Pisser

      Please Drink Responsibly

      To Protect and Stare

     Very Bunny

      Where Will You Sleep When Disaster Strikes?

      Burglary in Progress

      Profiling Done Right

      While You Were Sleeping

      Insert Donut Joke Here

      Dreaming of a Safer World

      Taking a Slice out of Crime

      The Quotation Marks of Justice

      Valuable Art Must Be Protected

      lt's Called Security Guard Summer Fashion... Look It Up

      Deadly Weapon Inspection

Some Security Guards are Cooler than Others