Game of Thrones Scenes You Should’ve Paid More Attention To

Oh … you are so full of secret symbols and hints at the future and at the past. Sometimes secrets in Game of Thrones scenes aren’t so secret on a second watching and some are even meant to be foreshadowing. Quaithe told Ser Jorah he was going to get greyscale. The Hound let Arya know where Meryn Trant liked to hang out. Arya gives Lady Crane acting advice from a real place: her own life.

Besides theorizing away every week and season, fans are also quick to point out the many Game of Thrones scenes with hidden meanings. That’s why watching episodes several times will usually reveal a new twist.

There are numerous secrets in Game of Thrones scenes but we’ll focus on some of the latest, and a few that harken to now, to see just how clever the GoTs showrunners and crew are. In the early days of Castle Black, we see the initials “R.L.” carved in a post behind Jon. In Season 6, a sharp-eyed fan caught the resemblance of the Three-Eyed Raven to the carving in the weirwood tree where the Children of the Forest made the sacrifice to create the first White Walker.

There are so many hidden gems in Game of Thrones, we’ll be finding them for years.

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