The Fifty Greatest Gaming Gopher Memes

This is the best of the Gaming Gopher meme. The 50 most common/annoying things that we can possibly do as gamers. From driving your teammates off a cliff, to stealing all the coins without killing any guys, to buying the strategy guide for a game that’s supposed to be challenging, here are the fifty greatest things the Gaming Gopher meme has ever called gamers out on.

Gaming Gopher is a d*uche. The original picture is of a gopher standing on his hind legs which someone cleverly put a controller in so that it looks like he’s holding it. The fact that the little guy is staring up reminds us all of when we sat on the floor to play video games looking up at a screen larger than life, even if it fit on a fold out table.

As a meme, he’s the obsessive compulsive, d*uchey and self-serving gamer in all of us. He’s the guy who breaks all the wrong rules at all the worst times, or runs into problems we’ve all run into at some point, stupidly. That’s why this meme is so very wonderful. We have all done this stuff. Here’s Gaming Gopher’s MO:

If you’re a real gamer then you’ve done at least five things on this list. Some on purpose.

If you’re a terrible gamer you’ve done at least twenty things on this list at some point in your gaming career.

Here are the fifty most poignant things ever uttered by the most self-aware advice animal meme on the internet. Not only does this meme call everyone out on their own sh*t, , but when you write one of these memes, you’re really only calling yourself (or a close, douchebaggy friend of yours) out. I’m no more innocent than any of you.

And now, the fifty best of the gaming gopher meme.