The Most Garish Possessions Donald Trump Owns, Ranked By Ridiculousness

Despite some of the most epicĀ business failures of Donald Trump, the man is filthy rich and he isn’t afraid to show it. From diamond-encrusted doors to gold seat belts proudly on display for all to see, there’s no doubt about how much money he has. But the things that owns borders on cartoonish, lacking class and finesse like theĀ best of Trump’s tweets.Ā 

According toĀ Forbes, Donald Trump’s netĀ worthĀ is $3.5 billion.Ā That includes $1.7 for his New York City real estate alone, plusĀ $630 million for miscellaneousĀ real estate, another $620 million for golf clubs and resorts, and $230 million for Trump brand businesses. The other $270 are his personal assets. So what are these assets? What does Donald Trump own? Take a look at some of the most ridiculous Donald Trump homes, vehicles, and other possessions and vote up the comically gaudy things.Ā