Genderbent Fan Art That Will Make You See Your Favorite Cartoon Characters In A Whole New Way

FromĀ reimaginingĀ oldsters as youngstersĀ toĀ humanizing PokĆ©mon, there is so much awesome fan on the Internet.Ā So, it makes sense that there is also Ā genderbent versions of your favorite cartoon characters! Genderbent cartoon fan art is exactly what it sounds like: cartoon characters depictedĀ as the opposite gender. And the best part about it is the gender-swapped characters almost always offer ample opportunity for puns.

For instance, there’sĀ MALEficent, Hesmeralda, or Spongeboobs Squarepants. To clarify, none of those characters are in this list, but perhaps you’re starting to see the wondrous possibilities.Ā This list is a compilation ofĀ supremely impressiveĀ gender-swapped cartoon fan art with some really solid puns as an added perk. Giggle away as you peruse, and vote up the amazing artworks below.Ā 

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