Genius Places to Hide Your Gun at Home

That said, get ready to check out a list of some of the coolest and most clever secret hiding places for guns on the market. As you’ll see below, everyone from hunters to gun collectors have an array of different options these days for where to hide a gun, ranging from shelves with secret compartments to beds with secret panels that’ll keep you sleeping soundly with the knowledge that your guns are secure.

So if you or someone you know is looking for ideas on how to hide a gun in the house without resorting to a huge, bulky gun safe, you’ve come to the right place! Check out all these options for securely hiding your guns in plain sigh

Work Gun Safety Into Your Decor with This Concealment Shelf
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Go Balls Out Bruce Wayne with the Hidden Gun Room
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This Mantel Clock Gun Safe Is Perfect for a Pistol
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The Concealed Cabinet Safe Can Hold a Lot More Than Knick Knacks
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Utilize That Space Under the Stairs with the Secret Staircase Safe
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Your Gun Will Always Be Within Reach in This False Top Night Stand
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No One Will Even Look Twice at Your Hiding Spot with the Fuse Box Safe
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Secure Your Guns on the Go with the Hidden Car Seat Safe
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Go All James Bond with This Gun Globe
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Keep Your Guns Safely Tucked Away with the False Front Display Case
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The Tried and True Air Vent Gun Safe
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Sneak Your Weapons Safely Behind the Sliding Mirror Concealment Safe
Show Off Your Patriotism with the Serivce Flag Concealment Case
Stash Your Firearms Behind the Screen of Your Own Home Theater Safe
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Hide Those Bad Boys in Plain Sight with the Book Gun Storage Unit
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This Hidden Compartment Bookcase Is the Perfect Size for Rifle Owners
Shouldn’t All Drawers Have Hidden Compartments on the Side?
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Don’t Get Caught Unaware with the Home Desk Holster
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Hide Your Guns in Plain Sight with This Tactical Clock
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Store Your Weapons with Style with the Floating Shelf Safe
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Sleep Soundly Knowing Your Weapons Are Safe in This Gun Bed
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Sleep Tight Knowing That Protection Is Right in Your Headboard
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The Grandfather Clock Case Is the Granddaddy of All Gun Safes
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Keep Your Weapons Organized with the Hidden File Cabinet Safe
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For Quick Access, Consider This Gun Concealment Bench
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Only You’ll Know the Meaning of that Secretive Smile on Your Mona Lisa Gun Safe
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This Unassuming Set of Drawers Is More Than It Seems
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This Unassuming Gun Cabinet Is More Than Just a Pretty Picture
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