The 30 Hottest Pictures of Girls in Sexy Pokémon Costumes

After this last Halloween, it was a strange, unexpected revelation that s**tty, sexy Pokémon costumes are quickly becoming a trend in places other than Comic-Con. So in honor of that, here’s a list of 50 pictures of the hottest girls in Pokémon Cosplay history. No words this time, just pictures. Glorious, glorious pictures.

Featuring sexy cosplays of Pikachu, Jessie, trainer Misty, and more, these hot babes are looking very naughty in Pokémon costumes.



Sexy, Kneeling Pikachu

Just Play the Game

Warrior Meowth

Peace, Bro

Sexy Misty Wants to Be On The Top Bunk

Believe It

Sexy Misty Gives Up On Stair Climbing

Sexy Misty Has Pikachu Right Where She Wants Him

Sexy Misty Shows Off The New Additions To Her Arsenal

Less Than Excited Sexy Misty

Sexy Mew Will Be a Good the Rest of the Day

Random Girl in Almost Misty Clothing

Sexy, Body Paint Pikachu

Is It Incest If Sexy, Playboy Pikachu Has Her Hand Up Another Pikachu’s Butt?

Sexy Team Rocket Drama Club Photo

Yellow Tank + Suspenders= Accidentally Sexy Misty

Girl in Yellow Dress Given Toy and Ears to Become Sexy Pikachu

Sexy Misty Finds A Pokemon in the Wild Terrain Of Suburban Cleveland

Sexy Mew Lost Some Intestine

That Hair

Sexy Misty Knows She Cannot Train Pokemon With Broken Suspenders!

Sexy Misty Shows Off Her Poke-Handling Skills

Sexy Misty Needs a Maid

Sexy, Furry Pikachu (From Behind)

Sexy, Biker Gang Pikachu

Girl Who Discovered She Was a Pokemon Trainer

Misty, The Hot Pokemon Character That Just Means Tank + Shorts

This Sexy Pokemon Has Flowered