The Greatest Back to School Celebration Photos by Parents

Back to school is a special time for parents. All parents.Ā For theĀ kids, it’s the absolute worst time of year. Fortunately, a new photo tradition by parents all across the countryĀ has begun toĀ helpĀ ease the pain of those poor, suffering kids who have to go . And more importantly, it shows all parents that you’re not alone. Every parent is full of glee on the first day of school. You aren’t a soulless monster for wanting your kids out of the house.Ā These pictures representĀ America’s best and brightest photos of parents celebrating their kids going back to school. These images are sure to brighten your day, especially if you’re an adult.

Take Five

All Aboard!

World’s Best Dad

Back in Business

The Fall Mom

School Daze

Home Alone

Might as Well Jump!

Kindergarten Cop

Too Cool for School

Higher Learning

One Fine Day

Jolly Roger

Mommy Dearest

School of Thought

Use the Force

First Things First

Thumbs Up

No Home Schooling For You!