The Greatest Signs from Pride Month

In case you haven’t heard, June is Pride Month and it’s time to let your rainbow flag fly loud and proud, whether for yourself or someone you love! One great way to celebrate is by taking a look at this collection of featuring a folks doing just that. They’re rocking pride signs at parades across the country. These are some of the greatest pride parade signs from who support rights. There’s even a few love-filled (and joke-filled) signs that shut down hate mongering anti-gay protesters.¬†From same couples and their members to Jesus himself, these parade-goers are demonstrating what it means to be in love. The Son of God even wants to clarify His stance on all the haters who always show up to protest in His name. Many of these pride signs reveal points about where gay come from and how they may be the answer to our economy woes.

Let your pride flag fly along with these , fun, and creative pride signs that support love and equality for everyone!

Jesus Clarifies His Stance on the Morons with the Hate Signs

The Origin of the “Problem”

Most Unfortunate Miscommunication Ever


The Gay Agenda: Revealed

Gonna Have to Go with the Gentleman on the Left

You’re Never Too Young to Join in the Fun!

Pasta Is So Gay

Giving a Hater’s Sign the Best Makeover Ever

Irrefutable Bible Facts

When the Answer’s Been Right in Front of You All Along

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We Are Gathered Here Today…


Come Out and Join the Parade!

The Best Compromise Ever

Now That’s Something to Be Proud Of

Best Fake Coincidence Ever

Note to Haters: Read the Signs Around You First


What Are You Gonna Do?

The Tao of Honey Boo Boo

This Guy Has Big Plans for One Lucky Protester