Gross Ingredients That Are Hiding in Your Favorite Foods


If you really love your favorite , then maybe it’s best to not read the ingredient label. There’s a reason many of the ingredients have long, hard to pronounce names. Sometimes ignorance is bliss since many of your favorite actually have gross food additives that when revealed, can make anyone want to give up eating altogether.

We’ve all heard the warning to stay away from processed and fast foods but in order to know why, you really have to know how those foods are made. Have you ever wondered why they are so tasty and addictive? Because they contain ingredients that not only contain health warnings on most food additive lists, they also originate from the most disgusting places. Even common foods like cereal, bread, and even some vegetables have gross additives. When it comes to weird food additives, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Check out this list of gross food additives you’re eating without realizing and then vote up the grossest food additives of them all.

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