Groupies Who Took Pictures Of Celebs After Sleeping With Them

If you’re a celebrity reading this, remember: you’ve got to stop falling asleep when you bring a groupie back to your hotel. Dozing off can leave you open to plenty of embarrassing consequences. In the age of social media, celebrity groupies might be especially quick to snap a picture after that hookup.

Justin Bieber learned about these perils firsthand, as did Olympian Usain Bolt. As for Lil Wayne, the story behind his unwitting post-sex selfie has a twist – the woman who posted it allegedly felt that her privacy had been violated when the image went viral.

Some celebrity after sex selfies are taken to be used as blackmail, some are taken to make a point, and others are taken just because they’re going to get so many likes and retweets. But no matter what the reasoning behind them, all of these famous after sex selfies are extremely sketchy. Even stars should have some privacy.

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