Halloween Costume Blunders Guaranteed To Make You Scream (With Laughter)

is all fun and games until it becomes a memory, and your ultra- homemade Bane get-up becomes a regrettable . blunders do not start out as disasters but rather good ideas taken to horrible places. Different from actually offensive costumes, regrettable costumes seek to impress rather than offend; yet, visually, they almost always do the latter. Some terrible simply to age well, while others never should have been constructed in the first place. As a word of caution, fusion usually works when it comes to cuisine; costumes, not so much.

For every creative  out there, there are 10 blundered . Mismatched socks, awful face , and tons of random plastic blades litter this collection of , courtesy of Reddit. Altogether, they prove Halloween is the scariest time of year for more reasons than one.

The Not-So-Great Pumpkin

Oh Captain, My Captain, What Happened?

“Which Way Is The Bathroom?”

He’s A Brick…

When You Order The Wrong Mary Poppins Costume

Introducing Tony Starkwalker

This One Stings

A Bootleg Jack O’ Lantern

Raggedy Ann Goes Goth

A Proud ‘Puff

Watch Out, Samurai

Long Before Cosplay

Tough Guys Wear Pink

A -Life Mario Party

Grunge While You’re Young

Is The One On The Left Supposed To Be Pikachu?

This Guy Went As ‘Bane’

Beware The Care Bear

Going As A ‘Gentleman’

When In Doubt, It Out

Popped Collars Never Work

Nathan To See Here

Mini Mobster

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