What Would Happen to Your Body If You Were Microwaved

Everyone’s thought about it at least once: What is being microwaved like?  What happens to your body if you’re microwaved? The answer, unsurprisingly, is gruesome, but it’s also complicated. Being microwaved like a Hot Pocket? Yeah, that’s pretty awful. You would be cooked alive (but not from the inside out). But low-level microwave radiation? That could actually someday keep you warm in the winter, believe it or not, if society could ever get behind the idea.

The awful, ugly truth is that we know what being microwaved would be like because people have put infants in microwaves. It actually happens. But science also allows us to guess at what would happen, theoretically, if walk-in microwave ovens ever became a thing for murderers to murder people with (spoiler: it’s unpleasant). Read on to learn what, exactly, would happen if you were microwaved (even just a little bit!).


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