What Happens to Your Body When You’re in a Falling Elevator

What happens to your body in a falling elevator? Is it even possible to survive? The good news is that modern elevator technology makes these incidents extraordinarily rare. The bad news is that if you were to find yourself in an old, malfunctioning elevator… it would be bad news.

So what your body does in a falling elevator is actually pretty similar to what happens to astronauts in zero gravity, but only if the conditions are perfect. Most likely, a falling elevator won’t be totally unobstructed. But if it was, you would get to experience weightlessness for a few seconds before being crushed like a bug. Because what happens to your fragile body in a falling elevator can’t be undone by any “tricks” like jumping at the last second. Who do you think you are, Wile E. Coyote? Read on to learn what really happens to your body in a totally unobstructed, free-falling elevator death trap.