The 34 Happiest Puppies on Earth


Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right and you just wish you had a puppy on call to hug? Well the next time you need a little help putting that smile back on your face, look to this list because we’ve got the next best thing: puppy smiles! We’ve searched high and low to bring you the following collection of cute puppy smiles that are guaranteed to have you grinning in no time. No matter how hard a day you’ve had, we dare your spirits not to soar after you’ve spent a few moments in the presence of the happy puppies and dogs below!


We’ve gathered together some of the cutest, fluffiest, and most ecstatic puppies ever caught on camera! These furry little bundles of joy are absolutely thrilled and for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these little guys are grinning because they can’t even handle the joys of the great outdoors, while others can’t even deal with how much they love their fur parents! You’ll also find other pups among this super happy dog crew who have no idea why they’re so excited and couldn’t care less, as long as you scratch their adorable heads!



This Lil Guy Is Thrilled to Show Off His Big Boy Tags

Some Puppies Love a Crisp Fall Day

Feet! You Can Use Them! Amazing!

There Isn’t a Smile Big Enough for a Great Belly Rub

Being Held Really Makes Life Worth Living

Flowers Are Exciting!

Someone Got a New Collar and Thinks It Is Just the Best

Flying Is Amazing, Everyone Should Try It

Surprising the Mailman Is a Great Afternoon Activity

Lol Selfies Are So Fun!

The Sun Through the Window Makes Yoga Puppy So Happy

This Is His Best Camera-Ready Smile

Just Enjoying This Dirt Patch!

Nothing Has Ever Been More Fun Than This!

Fetch Overload OMG!

This Pug Probably Loves This Leaf More Than You Love Almost Anything

This Tiny Corgi Is Loving His New Look

Few Things Bring the Smiles Like a Cozy Bed After a Long Day

What’s More Exciting Than the Way the Sun Shines Through the Trees?

Crisp Mountain Air Is Unbelievably Exciting

Being in Nature Is Wonderful!

Happiness Is Sticking Your Head Out the Window!

Being a Panda Is Even Better Than Being a Puppy!

Being Petted: The Best Feeling on Earth

Puppy Learns to Love a Good Sink Bath

Dog Modeling Makes This Cute Pup Oh So Happy

It Is Hard to Even Handle the Feeling of a Sea Breeze

This Guy Is So Happy You Brought Him to This Grassy Area

Poolside Corgi Loves to Smile

Flowers! Whoa! So Fun!

Having a Blast with a New Friend!

Leaves! So Crunchy!

Going Undercover Is a Fun Activity!

Tummy Rubs Almost Always Result in Smiles