The Harvard Professor Turned LSD Guru Who Escaped Prison And Became An International Fugitive

Few counter-cultural figures are as iconic as Harvard professor turned psychedelic acid pioneer Timothy Leary. Credited with popularizing LSD in the mid ’60s, Leary was eventually fired from his position as university lecturer, and embarked on an epic odyssey of consciousness-expanding exploration that has since become the stuff of legend. Throughout his life, his incarnations were myriad. Timothy Leary and the Beatles, Timothy Leary and the Black Panthers, Timothy Leary the deep-space explorer… all were equally important facets of his identity. And in the end, his philosophies became the stuff not only of life imitating art, but of art going way past life and revolutionizing death itself.

All that said, who was Timothy Leary, in the strictly linear biographical sense? Read on for an overview.


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