27 Helpful Notes Written By Drunk People To Their Sober Selves

All humans areĀ glass cases of emotion, and enough drinks can crack themĀ open to the point whereĀ feelings flow uncontrollably like entities from Pandora’s Box. To relay these profound sentiments to the sober self,Ā drunks oftenĀ leave behind drunk notes, documentsĀ capable of true brillianceĀ or utter incoherence.Ā Like that meat-lovers’ pizza you forgot you ordered, drunk notes are usually a fun surprises you find in your bed the next morning. Accounts from the night before and little tidbits of advice are typical motifs, but many drunk lettersĀ defy known language itself,Ā making you question what you got into last night. Thus, it is up to you to Nancy Drew their meanings together the next day.

  1. Smell You Later

  2. Total Dick Move

  3. Smarty Pants

  4. Office Party Fail List

  5. Laid Back

  6. A Plea For Sober Me

  7. About Last Night…

  8. Make It Two

  9. Dream On

  10. This Means Something

  11. It’s A Trap!

  12. Beer Is Coming

  13. Ah Ha!

  14. Hands-On Approach

  15. What The Truck?

  16. When Dogs Get Drunk

  17. Toilet Humor

  18. Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

  19. Love, Wafflebot

  20. I Have A Little Shadow

  21. Simply The Breast

  22. Mr. Clean

  23. Step-By-Step

  24. Jeff Who Lives At Home

  25. Suck On That

  26. Keep Me Posted

  27. National Treasure 3

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