Here’s Every Notable Person Donald Trump Has Blocked On Twitter

At 35,000Ā tweets and counting,Ā Donald TrumpĀ has forever altered America’sĀ political landscape, 140 characters at a time. He’s also made his share of digital enemies, who’ve mocked hisĀ garish lifestyle, his inability to keep hisĀ cabinet members employed,Ā and the overallĀ WTF natureĀ of his presidency. Ā 

So, what does the most powerful man in the world do when attacked on Twitter? Nothing less than the “modern day presidential”Ā equivalent of taking his ball home and refusing to play. He blocks detractors without discrimination;Ā the list of famous people has blocked on Twitter pales in comparison to the list of regular citizensĀ on hisĀ do not playĀ list. FromĀ theĀ Boston Globe:

“He has blocked people like Angela Belcamino, a New York actress who insulted the presidentā€™s golf game in August. (And) Eugene Gu, a surgeon resident in Tennessee… was blocked for mocking the presidentā€™s penchant for misspellings.” Ā 

The lesson: if you aim for the Trump on Twitter, don’t miss,Ā orĀ else you may join this list ofĀ celebrities blocked by Trump on Twitter. Tweet wisely,Ā friends. Ā 

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