Here’s How Parents Of Celebrities Felt Watching Their Famous Kids’ Sex Scenes

No reason to skeet around the bush: this is list is about celebrity parents who watch their famous┬ákids’┬ásex┬áscenes (or, in a few cases, were explicitly banned from doing so, then talked a lot about it).┬áIf you’ve ever watched sex scenes on or in movies with your parents, you know it’s not the most comfortable experience. Now imagine watching your own sex scene with your folks. Fingers crossed it isn’t the kind of scene during which one of your lines of dialogue is “Daddy?” Holy mother of naughtiness that would be filthy.┬á

Everyone loves sex scenes in films. Well, okay, not everyone. But most people do. Why not? Everyone has sex. Where do you think all seven billion human inhabitants of this testicle-shaped planet came from? Deep dishin’ sausage in a fuzzy taco, amigo. Garnish it with some hand-cranked cream sauce. But the thing is, everyone has parents. So every time you see two celebs firing up the pork pistols and opening up some juicy clams, you’re watching someone’s child get full hog naughty.┬á

You might expect the parents of celebrities to avoid watching movies or shows in which their kids fill a quiver with erotic delights, string up a bow of unbridled depravity, and let the lascivious arrows fly, but that isn’t always the case. On this list, celebrity parents talk about their kids’ sex scenes, or kids share experiences of watching or discussing┬ásex scenes with their parents. In some cases, parents were on set, even giving notes, while the simulated boning went down.┬á