Hilarious Drunk Texts From People Talking Nonsense

There’s definitely a correlation between getting drunk and all of a sudden feeling the incredible need to shower your friends with drunk . Before you know it, you’ve texted just about everyone you know and very little to none of what you’ve typed has made any sense at all. This is a collection of some of the best drunken nonsense you’ll ever see. Whether it’s the booze or the autocorrect talking the end result remains the same. And that result is often a baffling collection of words that looks more like an encrypted code than anything resembling a coherent story.

Here you’ll find a wonderful array of from drunk as they keep their friends and up to date with their drunken antics. All of the tropes of drunk are represented here. The overly enthusiastic declaration of love, the not so stealthy drunken denial, and of course the random announcement of shameless intoxication.

When Your Typist Starts Inserting His Own Commentary

You Know You’re Drunk When You Lose the Ability to Announce It via Text

When Drunk-You Becomes a Master of the Metaphor

When Your Friend is Either Puking, in the Car, or Puking in the Car

The Long Lost Gospel of Harry

Sometimes It’s Best Not to Ask

When You Realize You’ve Been Injured in the Line of Duty

How to Know He’s a Keeper:

Cracking the Code

Invest in a Liquor Safe

Straight Up Thuggin’

Nobody Really Needs Vowels

Seems Like They Have a Glowstick Now

Time Stamps Tell the Story

Add to List of Things to Not Lick

Become the Dolphin. Live the Dolphin.

You Have It Twisted

There Are Claws in Your Future…

Dinner with Is Important

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Luck of the Irish

Willing to Bet She Got It the First Time

Autocorrect Making Everything Better

Complete Nonsense Across the Board

There’s Nothing Like a Love Letter to Melt a Girl’s Heart

It’s Friday Somewhere

It’s All About the Effort

When You Start to Suspect That Your Autocorrect Is Drunker Than You Are

The Ian Hammersex Stage Is Exactly as Terrifying as It Sounds

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