Hilarious “Quotation Mark” Fails


No More Imaginary Surgeons

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back Into the Water

Well, That’s Just Terrifying

This Is How All the Best Movies Begin

They’re Really Sending a Mixed Message

For When You Can’t Fit “Step Dad” on a Cake

Real Food. Real Food Poisoning.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Yikes

This Fall, on “Zombie Cops”

There Are So Many Questions to Ask

Take That, Dad

Or Large Cats Wearing Dog Masks

Chili, Ground Beef in Lizard Broth – Same Difference

Smash the Patriarchy?

For Indiana Jones Only

Because “Cold Carbohydrate Square” Was Taken

Your Mom Comes to Mind

You’ve Got a 50/50 Chance of Your Throat Closing Up

That Doesn’t Look Like a Taco Bell

Wait Until the ASPCA Hears About This!

There’s Nothing Sadder Than a Grocery Store’s Existential Crisis

Party Hours Are in the Back

Are There False Facts?

Everyone Knows the Best Crabs Are in Your Pants

Worst. Job. Ever.

So We Should Use This Working Toilet?

Do They Know the Difference Between Real and Fake Emergencies?

Just in Case They Don’t Graduate Until 2009

So How Many Items Do You Have?!

This Is Questionable with or Without the Quotations Marks

“Store Cool” “Much Perishable” “Very Doge”