Hilarious Snapchats from the Morning After

There are so many uses for , not all of them are good ideas. Sure, now that you can send cash back and forth, there’s an extra incentive to use it for sending #nudes, but that’s not all! Many would argue the best way to use is to send of your hangovers to your best friends. By documenting the results of your raunchy night out, hopefully you can learn from your mistakes in the future. (Although… probably not.) Plus, if you made your friends look at Snaps of you pounding appletinis, dancing to LMFAO, and then binging on fourthmeal at Taco Bell, it’s only fair that they also get to see the aftermath of your bad decisions.

Some have taken the of the hangover Snap to the next level. We’re just impressed that they’re alive and functioning at the ungodly hour of 8:00 am, much less taking creative and doodling on them. Check out this list of hungover Snapchats, and maybe it’ll serve as a cautionary tale for the next time you go out with your pals.

Just Slightly Less Than Flawless

Stranger Danger

But How Did He Get This ?

Cafeteria Problems

Packing Peanut Baths Cure All

Shaun Had a Fun Night

It’s Always So True Until It Isn’t

Ignorance Is Bliss

Studying Is Going Well

Been There

Mouth Breathing Bed Invader Refuses to Leave

Bad Egg Gets It

Is She Wearing a Blanket?

When Will the Pain End?

Am I Dying?

Hangover Burgers = The Ultimate Frenemy

A Very Patriotic Drunk

Juice Box FTW!

… As Soon as You Get Your Hands on a Bloody Mary

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

When Life Is Too Bright

A Face We All Know Too Well

At Least She’s Hydrating

Let’s Not Call Ourselves Baby, Okay?

BRB Gotta Puke

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