Hilariously Honest Titles That Redefine Movies You Thought You Knew

Hollywood’s main goal is to suspend your disbelief for approximately two hours, a feat that would be unattainable if studios chose to go with honest titles. But likeĀ honest Disney movies, a too-honest film title ruins the magic and makes the film that much less appealing. WhileĀ dishonest biopicsĀ leave out important details to improve their stories, honest movie titlesĀ simply shiftĀ your perception of the entire film subtly enough soĀ the story doesn’t change, but the feeling behind it does. And because real life pales in comparison to the intrigue of fiction, you get titles likeĀ Mystic RiverĀ instead of “Oops,Ā Vigilante Justice Didn’t Work Here!”

The brutally honest movie titles below may not change these films plot-wise, but it ruins them thematically. Try as you might, you probably can’t look atĀ The Blind SideĀ orĀ Pretty WomanĀ the same way again. Well, maybe you can, but honestly, funny honest movie titles often are more entertaining than the films themselves. Just askĀ Avatar.