Historians Now Think Leonardo Da Vinci Originally Painted The Mona Lisa Completely Nude

One of the most fascinating mysteries puzzling scholars today is did da Vinci draw the Mona Lisa nude? Master Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci was an engineer, scientist and inventor who lived from 1452 to 1519. Many agree his Mona Lisa model was named Lisa Gherardini, and her husband was a wealthy merchant.

The Mona Lisa sketches that are making headlines feature the subject topless from the waist up. The charcoal drawing depicts a woman who is posed similarly to the Mona Lisa. However, her body is in a more sideways position, and her head is angled further over her shoulder.

Scholars and art historians are now trying to determine whether the Mona Lisa nude model featured in the drawing was in fact created by da Vinci himself or by someone else. This isn’t the only famous painting conspiracy theory that’s made headlines. Check out several others here. And if you’re a fan of Renaissance artists, take a look at this list.