These Upsetting Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Whole Foods Will Change The Way You Grocery Shop

Shocking stories from Whole Foods includeĀ more than just the price of the items they sell. The health food grocery giant is a major player in the industry, appearing inĀ numerous locations across the United States as well as the occasionalĀ “things white people like” meme. Whole Foods is aĀ favorite food shopping placeĀ for many andĀ was a big catalyst in making organic, health-focused food a new way of life for plenty of consumers. Even Walmart has taken a cue from their model.

But Whole Foods behind the scenes is a bit different from the fresh cut flowers and colorful salad bar that greet customers inside. Led by CEO John Mackey, the company has a reputation for using questionable methods to get ahead andĀ stay ahead in business. Stories from Whole Foods employees makeĀ the company’s views on labor seem a little unsettling as well.

Grocery stores have changedĀ a lot through the years, and the health food retail industry has become a lot more saturated. While Whole Foods does deserve credit for boosting theĀ trend, theseĀ dark Whole Foods talesĀ might make you think twice about where you purchase your kale.

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