The 33 Most Homoerotic Moments in Sports History

This is a photo gallery of of athletes caught in the heat of the moment, kissing other players, often accidentally photographed in homoerotic, compromising positions or caught on camera in surprising, situations. The players may not be gay, but the sports figures caught in these pictures had no idea that their split-second play on the football field, basketball court, hockey rink, golf course, baseball field, wrestling ring, and more, would lead to hilarious results.

Ben Cohen, David Beckham, Michael Phelps are just a few of the famous athletes caught on camera kissing another guy, accidentally grabbing their crotch, or pictured in otherwise unexpected sexual positions, in these funny gay pictures. These gay moments in sports might not reflect the athletes’ sexual orientations, but they certainly seem homoerotic at first glance.

Upvote the most hilarious homoerotic photos of accidentally gay sports moments below! Whether they’re gay football pictures, or a homoerotic wrestling moment, they’re sure to make you laugh.

Just Being a Good Teammate

We’ve Got a Biter. I Repeat, a Biter

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Manchester United Haters Can’t Help but Giggle

There’s a Reason Why He’s No. 2

Get a Room!

Rex Grossman Is Fearful of This Packers Defender

A Young Wayne Rooney: Madly in Love

So That’s Why You Got All the Calls

There’s Not Much I Can Really Say Here

No Carlos, You Won’t Find the Ball in There

Just Helping a Buddy Out

Scissor Me Timbers

Love in a Striped Shirt

Will You Have This Dance?

The Passion of Victory Overrules Christian Principles

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Talk About a Full Nelson

A World Series Victory Brings Out the Best in Ozzie Guillen

That’s How You Turn a Man Into a Pretzel

Someone Grabbed the Wrong Ball

That’s a Low Blow

Ronaldo Left It All On the Pitch

“Let’s Take This Party to the Locker Room”

Their Faces Say It All

Winning Brings Out the Tenderness in Everyone

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

Not-So-Hidden Message?

Taking the Player/Coach Relationship to Another Level

Anything to Get Ahead

Digging for Gold

Awkward Lip Touching

This Probably Took a Turn to a Place Shawn Michaels Wasn’t Expecting

They’ve Got Their Eyes On the Prize

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