The 30 Hottest Girls Wearing Santa Hats


When the calendar turns to December, people love busting out their hats. When a girl decides to don a hat, it’s awesome. When they put on their hat and are really hot and sexy, then that adds something extra to the equation. These are the hottest pictures of girls wearing hats. And it rules. Vote on your favorites pics of hot girls wearing hats. Which of these gals should be at the top of the list? Should it be a celebrity like Mariah Carey or Katy Perry? Or should it be just a run of the mill hot chick? That’s up to you to decide, so choose wisely. There’s a reason why they call this the most wonderful time of the year and these pics are photographic evidence of why. Enjoy.
Has This Girl Been Naughty or Nice This Year?

Getting Ready To Loosen The Ribbon To Unwrap The Package

That Rug Is More Comfortable Than You’d Think

This Is the Best Way to Hitchhike

Andre is Best Consumed in Two Glasses

Readying for SantaCon

Santa Has a Nice Surprise Awaiting Him

These Girls Are Filling in for Santa Today

All She Wants for Is Furniture

Waiting for Santa Can Very Boring

She Should Probably Water Her Plants More Often


This Girl Snickers at Cold Weather

It Looks These Girls Had a Successful Shopping Day

Taylor Swift is Thinking About Dating Santa

Santa’s Angels: Coming to a Bar Near You This Winter


Audrina Patridge Loves Santa Hats…and Bongo

Winter Break Forever!

Mariah Carey Got Caught Trying to Escape from the North Pole

Ho Ho Ho!

Alessandra Ambrosio Better Be Careful

With That Attitude, Your Christmas Present Will End Up in the Fireplace

Everything Looks Better in Pink

She’s Praying For a PS4

This Girl Has Something Waiting for Santa

Hoping to Lure Santa With Her Impression of Gene Simmons

Oh Holy Night

Who Knew Velvet Jumpsuits Were In?

Two Thumbs Up to Santa Hat

Kanye Can’t Be Too Happy About This