The Hottest Video Game Vixens of All Time

Hot female characters have been fueling gamers buying habits for decades now. From 8 Bit Sprite hotties, to the sexy action heroes featured in your favorite cut-scene, these are the sexiest characters ever created. Contribute your list to grow the rankings and include the hottest fighting combatants, sexy rpg liaison, & your the video game hottie of your dreams. Just want to show your approval of one of the included game vixens? Vote her up! Looking for some sexy game characters? Well, these hot vide game characters should be just what the doctor ordered.

These are the hottest video game characters ever. Don’t see your favorite vixen? add her and help me make this list of sexy videogame characters more complete.

Lara CroftTomb Raider Series

Samus AranNintendo Universe

Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII

Harley QuinnBatman: The Animated Series, Birds of Prey, Batman: New Times

Jill ValentineResident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Retribution

Chun-LiStreet Fighter II V, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Morrigan AenslandDarkstalkers Series

CammyStreet Fighter II V, Street Fighter II: The Animated , Street Fighter


LightningFinal Fantasy Series

RikkuFinal Fantasy Series

Ada WongResident Evil: Retribution, Resident Evil: Damnation, Resident Evil 6

KitanaMortal Kombat

MileenaMortal Kombat series

Princess ZeldaNintendo Universe, Universe of The Legend of Zelda

MorriganDragon Age

Mai ShiranuiFatal Fury and The King of Fighters Series

RayneBlood Rayne Series

YunaFinal Fantasy Series

LuluFinal Fantasy Series

IvySoul Series

CatwomanMaggie, Catwoman, Batman: New Times

KasumiDead or Alive Series

PoisonStreet Fighter, Final Fight

SophitiaSoul Series


Tina ArmstrongDOA: Dead or Alive

Claire RedfieldResident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife

Nina WilliamsTekken: The Motion Picture, Tekken Universe

Miranda LawsonMass Effect Series

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