Humor In Animals: The Species That Can Laugh

Anyone who has owned a pet understands that animals can have complex emotional lives. They feel sorrow, guilt, joy, and anger – and now scientists believe many animals even have a sense of humor. While researchers haven’t really studied giggling animals in the past, new studies hope to answer the question of whether or not animals can laugh.  

There are countless anecdotal stories of animals acting mischievously or appearing to double over with laughter, but is their data to back up these observations? There are many types of vocal responses that can be interpreted as animals laughing, though these phenomena are only observed in mammals and birds to date. The truth is, scientists don’t know much about the evolution of humor, but the little that is known suggests animals that laugh might be more common than anyone previously believed.  

Time will tell whether laughter is the result of evolution or is an inherent part of all life, but the implications of animal giggles are potentially huge. Humans may not be the only creatures on earth that can appreciate a good chuckle.

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