What The Hunger Games SHOULD Have Looked Like In The Movies

How areĀ The Hunger GamesĀ  different than the books? Several characters look different and a few story lines may have changed, but the film producers did the smart thing and allowed the booksā€™ author, Suzanne Collins, to consult and collaborate on the adaptation. Still, itā€™s always difficult to pack all of the book’s material into a feature film (or four). There’s bound to be some obvious missteps.

When it comes toĀ Hunger GamesĀ book vs. movie discussions, itā€™s easy to forget the challenges of casting. An actor may look exactly like a book character, but this series requires lots of action, emotional range, and the ability to convey Collinsā€™s intent across three books – not an easy job when there are die hard fans waiting for you to trip up. Fortunately, Collins was part of the audition process, and the search was exhaustive and intense (except for the lazy casting of Buttercup in the first film).

In the books, we are experiencing Katnissā€™s story through her first person narration. In the screen versions, there is no narration. That gave the filmmakers the opportunity to feature other aspects of the story, and to take some license with the characters’ looks. This can be frustrating for book fans, while giving those new to theĀ Hunger GamesĀ trilogy a more complete idea of the story.

While the filmmakers got a lot of the casting right (Gale, Prim, Cinna, Rue), they sometimes made some out-of-the box choices. What do you think? How wereĀ The Hunger GamesĀ books different than the movies? What did they get right? What is your biggest beef? Was Donald Sutherlandā€™s President Snow up to snuff or just not snakey enough? What about the casting of Amanda Plummer and Jeffrey Wright as Wiress and Beetee.

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