29 Hyperrealistic Tattoos That Look Like Photos Printed on Skin

When it comes to hyperrealistic , you may need to spend a great deal of time under the needle, but the results can be so spectacular that it might just be worth it. Here you’ll find a collection of photo realistic so impressive that they’d quite possibly be enough to stop you in your tracks to do a double take. These tattoos look like photos printed on the skin. Some of them look so real, it’s almost creepy. From portrait recreations to optical illusions that are real enough to bend your mind, get ready to scroll through some of the most pieces ever to walk out of a parlor. 

If you’re considering getting a hyperrealistic of your own, these pictures will get your creative gears turning. Even if you’re not, you can still enjoy the artistry that goes into these ultra-detailed . So come on in and get ready to check out some of the most unbelievably realistic tats of all time!


Man or Machine? You Decide

This Guy Wears What’s in His Heart on His Sleeve

How To Make Damn Sure Your Shoe Never Comes Untied

Okay How Can This Be Real?

Dunna Dunna Dunna Dunna. . .Tat Man!

The Most Badass Time Piece Ever


London Never Looked So Badass

Gorgeous Black and Gray

This Chick Always Carries a Spare

This Dude’s Wing Man Does Not Play

This Grim, Old-Timey Scene

Owl Be Damned

An Outward Sign That You Have the Heart of a Lion

For the Harambe Lovers Out There

Belly Button: You’re Doin’ It Wrong

The Level of Detail Is Stunning

How Many Times a Day You Think People Tell Her To Hold Super Still?

Imagine Waking Up Next to That After a Night of Drinking

Feeling Catty?

Ouch! . . . But Ouch!

Kickin’ It Old School

To Bee or Not to Bee?

Must Be a Trojan Man

In This Instance, Being Two-Faced Is Actually Pretty Badass

Anybody Home?

Who Needs a Chip On Their Shoulder When You’ve Got This Guy?

Kissed by a Rose

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