Idiots Can’t Stop Freaking Out About Chips That Look Like Famous Things

Cheetos, pretzels, and the eternal Lays chips all do one job only and they do it well: fill you up with minimal effort. So when you come across snack chips that look like other things, you might find yourself commending your food for rising up to another task outside of its general duties. Often, when people come across food that looks like other things, they do what anyone else would do, take a pic and upload it to the Internet for the world to gawk over, like things that look like butts. If you hit the jackpot and find a likeness of Jesus in food, you may even help other people find God.

The snack chips below decided to entertain stimulate your visual senses as much as your taste buds, turning their inanimate selves into faces, logos, and even celebrities. While food like this may not contain anything healthy, they are hilarious enough to make you laugh your way into a set of abs. Okay, maybe not that hilarious, but definitely humorous enough to warrant a freakin’ news broadcast about “Cheesus.”

Masturbating Cheeto

Donald Trump Potato Chip

Middle Finger Chip

Air Cheeto

Cheetos Gun With Flaming Hot Bullet

Rose Petal Chip

Cheeto Bros High Five!

Seahorse Cheeto

Cheeto Amber Rose

Koala Chip

Johnny Bravo Chip

Apple Chip

Little Lion Chip

I Heart Chips

FIFA Cheeto

Pac-Man Chip

Cheesus Christ

Jesus Died For Our Sin(ful Food)

Video Game Monster Chip

Elvis Chip

Mr. Pretzel Face